Blue-Banded Bee - Card

  • Blue-Banded Bee - Card
  • Blue-Banded Bee - Card

Blank greeting card with original artwork cover. Artwork features a Blue-Banded Bee, a cute visitor to the gardens of mainland Australia.

These bees are fluffy little fellas and have striking blue lines across their bodies. Males have five lines while females have four. What gender do you think this one is?

Keep an eye and an ear out for them in your gardens! They are buzz pollinators so you can often hear them before you see them. They'll be hanging out near your purple and blue flowers.

Card specs:
- Printed in Australia using environmentally friendly inks
- 100% recycled card
- Premium quality, matte finish
- Size: A5
- Comes in home compostable dust-proof sleeve (compostable sticker too)
-Envelope included

**cards can be purchased individually or in packs of 6 designs for $30 AUD**